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Your Partner Matters
Dentist-Led, Dentist-Controlled, Dentist-Managed 


Our future partners get maximum valuation for their practices, save brokerage fees, gain economies of scale and keep more of their equity - ALL while relieving pain points and administrative burdens. 

Our current partners enjoy a great work-life balance and appreciate the camaraderie and best practices that only a dentist-controlled and led group, committed to Great Dentistry, can provide.

Our 100% dentist-controlled, managed and led group is different because of our partnership structure and common vision and agreement of how relationship-based dentistry should be delivered. We have DSO capabilities without giving up the autonomy of actually being a DSO. We are passionate about privately-owned dentistry and the management services, best practices and economies of scale advantages that only a group controlled solely by dentists can provide.  Our vision is Great Dentistry and Great Dental Experiences. 


Our partners are passionate about great dentistry, using and investing in the latest technology and procedures and inspiring our patients to achieve optimal dental health. We staff our teams with the industry’s best talent, who prefer to be in private practice, and then train our talent to be even better. As a result, our Branin partners enjoy unparalleled patient loyalty because of the exceptional and memorable experiences their teams are able to provide. Providing great dentistry with Branin as a partner improves work-life balance and overall happiness.


Leadership is a key attribute of great dentists and great dental offices. At Branin we are committed to, and pour an enormous amount of resources, into developing and improving our dentists leadership skills. These long term investments are unequaled in our industry and are testament to our belief that success at any level, is dependent on leadership.




Branin is a 100% dentist controlled, managed and lead company whose vision is to provide GREAT DENTISTRY and GREAT DENTAL EXPERIENCES. Branin invests in exceptional dentists and dental businesses who value relationship-based dentistry to create 50:50 business partnerships. As an invested partner, Branin is committed to leveraging our unique success and experience to help our partners grow. By relieving pain points, administrative burdens and bottlenecks, we unlock our dentist partners' scalability, exponentially increase their profitability and put the fun back into growing Great Dental businesses.






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Branin vs. DSO – what is the difference?

Branin is NOT controlled by private equity. 
Branin is different because our group is lead, controlled and managed only by the dentists in the group.

Private equity-backed dental support organizations (DSO's) have a fiduciary and primary responsibility to return money to their investors. Arbitrage due to differences in scale is the fastest and most efficient way DSO's can meet their financial commitments. The costs and resources to improve any one office is exponentially higher when compared to the relatively low transaction cost of simply buying another office and taking advantage of the natural arbitrage between a stand-alone office and one that is part of a larger group. Because DSO's real business model is to manage dental offices just long enough and well enough to provide enough time to acquire more of them, it should not be surprising that most DSO's CEOs, executives, and board members are NOT dentists.   


BUT, what if you wanted to build an organization around Great Dentistry, Best Dental Practices, and Great Dental Experiences? What if you wanted the dental offices in a group to be 100% controlled, managed and lead by dentists - because you thought that would be best for patients, staff's and partner dentists?  

 You would start a company like Branin. 

A company 100% controlled, managed and lead by great dentists. Where the fiduciary and primary responsibility is to Great Dentistry and the currency is reputation and integrity. A company where the costs and resources to improve every dentist, teammate and office is exponentially lower than the costs of being average.  Our structure financially rewards our partner dentists and teammates who create the difference between "us" and "them," NOT institutional investors. Welcome to Branin.   

...Scott Dudley DMD, MBA, M.S.Ed, FAGD

We are dentistry’s answer! 


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Scott Dudley


CEO and Founder

Branin was founded by our CEO, Scott Dudley DMD, MBA, M.S.Ed, FAGD to preserve the integrity of dentist-controlled relationship-based dentistry.

Scott leverages his unique success and experience to inspire our partners and teammates to build the dental organization of the future.


When doctors are leaders, patients receive better care and have better experiences. Better experiences = higher demand = better business = more opportunity for patients, doctors and staff.

Our founding principles are a dentist-controlled, led and managed group with integrity and exceptionalism.



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