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If you own a practice, partner with BRANIN 

Dentists who own their own practice eventually either plateau, run into growth bottlenecks or have a desire to work less clinically and/or administratively. Branin gives owners a stark alternative to “selling” to private equity-backed DSO or finding “that one” dentist to sell to.  

Partnering with Branin is finding a true partner. We are a 100% dentist-controlled, led and managed group of dentists, uniquely linked via a 50:50 partnership model that prides itself on its vision of Great Dentistry. Partnering with us means you will receive maximum value for your practice (often 80-100% of collections) and gain all the benefits of "best practices" from a like-minded group of dentists. Our partners benefit from the same economies of scale DSO's champion but without the cost of autonomy. We are experts at transitioning, growing and running high-end, relationship-based dental practices. Offload back-office, management, and administration burdens that tend to exhaust owner doctors, put the fun back into the business of dentistry and become a Branin partner.  

50:50 Partnership

We will buy 50% of your practice at fair-market value. (Often 80-100% of collections) We will become 50:50 partners of your practice and your practice will become part of our dentist-owned group.


As part of our group, doctors will be paid 30-35% of collections. A 50:50 partner will also take home 50% of the practice’s profits.  


Management Support

Partner doctors equity value in their office(s) will have a value equal to that of the aggregated group value.  Additionally, all partners are given equity based incentives in our parent company which binds our group together.

A 6% management fee covers most of the costs relative to managing administrative burdens, strategy oversight, operational support and leadership coaching. You will not find a better team anywhere. 

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Future Partner

There is nothing like owning your own practice. When you are an owner and in a leadership role, you control your life, your schedule and the environment around you. Our partners desire that control and the financial rewards that are a part of it. We are experts in buying, building and operating relationship-based dental practices.

Branin is 100% doctor-controlled, led and managed, with the goal to invest in private practices and grow dental businesses via our Great Dentistry vision. We are the dental industry’s “ANTI-DSO.” Private equity-backed DSO’s, such as Dental Care Alliance and MB2, have a fiduciary responsibility to return money to shareholders. Our group has responsibility only to our partners, our staff's and our patients.

Not only will we help you find the perfect practice to buy, but we will also invest alongside of you and leverage our experience to help you be successful.

Branin will help you with all the operational burdens associated with starting a business, building a brand and developing the perfect team and culture. Our partnership will offload much of the back-office, management and administration burdens that tend to exhaust owner doctors. These services are managed and outsourced to the country’s best firms that specialize in each area.

Our written Brand Standards will help guide the development of your team. You will achieve accountability with staff who have clear written expectations and consistent metric-based feedback.

Partnering with Branin is partnering with Dr. Scott Dudley. At all times, you will have an experienced and successful FAGD, Fee-For-Service caliber dentist, as a partner. He will be an asset to you clinically, and more importantly, someone who can help you become a better leader and can help you scale your business.


  • Enjoy the valuation of your practice being equal to a group of offices, not simply a standalone practice.  

  • As a partner in our dentist-lead and managed group, you are given equity-based incentive interests in our parent company

  • Enjoy fee negotiation and credentialing services

  • Offload HR management, payroll, doctor and staff recruiting

  • Offload billing, collecting, and insurance verification management

  • Offload bookkeeping and accounting

  • Continued education for you and your doctors

  • Significant staff training

  • Targeted and group marketing

  • Business strategy, vision, accountability, and performance review overhaul

  • Customized plan for office growth and culture development

  • Have help, guidance and access to details that matter: financial strategy, operational efficiency, leadership coaching and tools such as metrics, proforma's, contracts, marketing, and operating procedures that successful dental businesses use

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