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The Story Behind Branin

The Branin Dental Group was started by a United Air Force veteran whose father practiced dentistry for 43 years and whose grandmothers maiden name was Branin. Carolyn Branin was born in 1915 and when she died at the age of 99, she was most proud of the fact that she had all her teeth, which was extremely rare compared to her contemporaries. Carolyn was a teacher, mother of two, and wife for over 55 years. Although she was far from weathly, she always carried with her a lady like appearance, mannerism and grade. She was proud of her family and surrounded herself with many lifelong friends. 

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 Integrity, respect and responsible are words others used when describing Carolyn. Our brand is founded on and principled in those same qualities that made Carolyn Branin the unique and unforgettable women that she is.

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