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Dentist Elevator Program

The mission of the Branin Elevator Program is to ready dentists to own, operate, and lead successful dental practices. Its physical design, operating structure, and staffing intentionally create an environment that promotes, teaches, and fosters the relationship-based philosophy that has made Dr. Dudley and Branin so successful.

About the Program

Our program, the only one in the country that we know of, will not only improve your clinical skills but also be tailored to hone the skills of leadership, organizational design, treatment planning, leadership, management and systems development and implementation, and patient and staff communication. We view these skills as essential and complimentary to any dentist who strives to have not only a successful practice but a successful business. In the end, we are passionate about teaching ambitious dentists HOW to be successful.

We believe that the most expedient way for a dentist to learn “how” to be successful in practice and business, is to experience and actively participate in the learning process, not unlike an apprenticeship or fellowship. Lectures, books, online content, years of unintentional experience, or any other non-immersive program, will be inefficient and leave a dentist short of their potential.

With the aforementioned thoughts in mind, understand that the the Branin Elevator Program is designed to be a 12–24-month associateship, designed to ready ambitious dentists to be partners and/or owners of their own dental offices.  Similar to a fellowship, dentists in the program can expect to have a full-time clinical schedule, be expected to participate in and attend Developmental Meetings (DM’s), read and watch assigned videos, books, and literature, and attend assigned off-site activities and learning programs.


Upon completion of the program, dentists will feel confident and understand their own analytics to know that they have (or do not have) the clinical ability, leadership skills, energy and ambition to own, operate, and lead a successful dental practice.

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