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I met Dr. Scott Dudley in the summer of 2009 when I bought my practice in Arlington, VA.  Right away I knew he was someone I wanted to work with during the upcoming years.  It was clear from our conversations that optimal patient care was his number one objective.  Having been raised in a home where his dad was a dentist, I could tell that his upbringing influenced this passion for excellence.  My wife and I had been living in the Arlington area for over a year when we realized we had not seen a dentist for our own dental care.  The decision of where I would refer my wife (because she didn’t want an orthodontist providing her primary care) was easy!  She and I both went to see Dr. Dudley and have been very happy with that decision ever since!

- Dr. Darin Iverson


Dr. Dudley has a serious passion for clinical dentistry coupled with strong business acumen - and is motivated to elevate everyone around him. His energy is infectious. Dr. Dudley checks all the boxes for both a great mentor and partner. The amount of growth that our practice and I have experienced in a short time working with Dr. Dudley and his team is hard to put into words.

- Dr. Adam Staffen, DDS

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As an endodontist, I get to see a lot of general dentists’ work - the good, the bad and the ugly. When I needed a crown, my choice to see Dr. Dudley, out of all my options, I think, speaks for itself.

Rob Cheron, DMD, MS


As an oral & facial surgery, I enjoy working with conscientious, honest individuals like Dr Scott Dudley. Communication is seamless as he educates his patients and provides details to them in a simplistic manner that they can understand.  


His personality is truly genuine. This has led to my wife and me having treatment provided by Dr. Scott Dudley. My wife's Invisalign setup was perfect for the beautiful crown placement on her peg lateral.  


It's without hesitation I would send my family and clients to Dr. Dudley.

- Dr. Jay Bukzin, DDS

With Scott’s company, doctors can not only own their practices in a market that has failed the private solo dentist, not only can they own the office, they can compete--and I believe, outcompete the status quo DSOs that suffer from high turnover and a low standard of care.  At the same time, it brings in the positive aspects of a larger group: the community, the support, economies of scale, and resources. Branin is built with a deep understanding of the new dental market, and careful attention to the benefits of the group and patients. A large part of what makes Branin great is Scott. Scott is a highly successful dentist but also a great person who genuinely cares about the people he works with. Throughout the entire process, I’ve always felt that Scott has my best interest in mind, and inspires me to succeed.

- Dr. Jacob Son, DDS

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