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Talent acquisition and retention is what our partners say they value most about our partnership. Our doctor-controlled, led and managed vision of ‘Great Dentistry’ group model, has no rival when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent in our industry. Our systems are coupled with written expectations, accountability measurables and industry-leading benefits packages, that lead to great office cultures.       

And YES, we handle employee payroll and benefits, compliance and safety training and other employee-centric services – so you don’t have to.   

  • Accounting, Finance, Billing and Collections
    Our approach to accounting and office finances are twofold. First, we handle the management and oversee all things related to accounting, finance, office collections, accurate daily book-keeping and annual tax filing. Our systems insure we collect everything that can be collected, the risk of fraud and embezzlement nearly eliminated. Secondly, we are proud of our partners relationships with the people who are behind our accounting, finances and collections. Our partners benefit and grow from their preferred weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings with our CPA and/or other finance resources.
  • Fee Negotiation and Credentialing
    Raising PPO allowance table fees is a strategic, laborious and ongoing process- so why should you do it? We take pride in taking care of it for our partners. We use the best-in-the-business to ensure our fees are fair and competitive. In addition, we handle the entire credentialing process for all our dentists.
  • Compliance and Data
    Compliance with dental regulations can be exhausting. Our platforms oversee and manage everything from HIPAA and OSHA training, to CPR and license requirements, to audits of clinical notes and charting. Further, we safeguard all our data and communications to ensure safe, secure and HIPAA compliant processes.
  • Technology and IT
    In our offices, technology frees our people to do their jobs better. This is why we place such an emphasis on leveraging the industry’s best. We also understand how important it is to maintain and provide service and training for that technology. Therefore, we handle and oversee: EMR Platforms Data management Strategy and prioritization Maintenance plans Remote and on-site computer support Hardware installations and upgrades Backup and disaster recovery Software implementation Custom A/V installations Network solutions Phone/Telecom/Data services Surveillance Cloud network solutions
  • Training
    Branin provides guides for all employees and offices with the knowledge, guidance and personal attention to help our affiliated dental offices achieve success. Trainings include Leadership Boot Camp, RDA Boot Camp, annual trainings (HIPAA, HIPAA HB300, OSHA, Sexual Harassment), E-Claim training, DHMO training, Customer Service training, Secret Shopper calls and much more.
  • Continuing Education and Training
    Great dentistry does not just happen, it starts with our people and ends with our execution. We know consistent execution comes from habits, and habits come from our training. Our partners and dentists value our Spear Education Club and our 1-1 mentoring program and shadowing/feedback sessions. Our staff learn and appreciate what great dentistry is and how to provide it from our custom video series, phone coaching sessions, in-office scenario walkthroughs, group offsites and collaborative “best practices” meetings.
  • Marketing
    You can only market what you are selling. We are selling trust and a great dental experience. We are able to sell these attributes because of our commitment to the quality of our doctors and teammates, our messaging and our ongoing training. Our marketing team, strategy and out-of-the-box thinking is second to none. From strategy to execution, our unique techniques leverage our people and our vision of ‘Great Dentistry’. Our talented team of marketing professional specialize in growing our brands through unique messaging on what great dentistry means and how great dentistry should be experienced.
  • Economies of Scale
    Our group enjoys exceptional economies of scale with the largest dental supply partners in the industry. We ensure our partners can choose the most cost-efficient and top-quality products available, are able to order quickly and easily and receive their shipments in a timely manner. From day-to-day dental supplies to larger pieces of equipment, like CBCT machines and 3D printers, our partners get priority and huge discounts.
  • Business Development and Strategy
    Our business development and strategy for every partner and office is unique and personalized. We spend a lot of time reviewing our vision of ‘Great Dentistry’ and ask our future partners a lot of questions around what they value and what their vision is. Together, we agree on a plan of action moving forward and leverage our group’s best practices and historical successes. We meet our partners expectations largely because, ahead of any formal commitment, they know HOW we will get from point A to B. They will have tangible examples of everything from how we will build culture to how we will market comprehensive and/or cosmetic dentistry, how we will train staff and how we will hold them accountable. We know unprecedented transparency at every level builds trust, and is why our first suggestion for potential partners, is simply to talk with our existing partners.
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